Christopher Haas | Haas Architecture


Zero1 Biennial Exhibition 2012

ZERO1 is where art meets technology to shape the future. Working with some of the most fertile and creative minds from the worlds of art, science, design, architecture, and technology, ZERO1 produces the ZERO1 Biennial, an international showcase of work at the nexus of art and technology and the ZERO1 Garage where principles of artistic creativity are applied to real world innovation challenges.

We were commissioned to envision the theme Seeking Silicon Valley into the exhibition design and build-out of the ZERO1 Garage, the main anchor exhibition of the biennial. Working with a limited budget, simple industrial netting was re-appropriated into highly refined, translucent floating scrims. These scrim walls ebbed and flowed through the space, sometimes creating great visits to works beyond, sometimes creating intimate nooks for singular pieces and at times containing large helium filled art objects.