Christopher Haas | Haas Architecture


Linda Farrow Pop-up, New York Fashion Week

Our proposal re-envisions our interactions with eyewear by removing the glasses from their traditional imprisonment within the sterile, unitized shelving cubicle and instead recreates a portrayal of our favorite moments from our daily interactions; the catching of the eye of an attractive stranger while the passing on a crowded city street, laughing with friends, feeling the breath of our lover against our lips.

The eyewear is playfully displayed, conjuring various scenarios being played out in front of us as we become playful participants in an experience. Leather punching speed bags act as the elegant, yet cheeky, mechanism by which the glasses are displayed. Glasses are carefully positioned on the speed bags; their slightness in tilt and orientation denoting the aforementioned scenarios.

The speed bag displays are seemingly held in space by their connections to golden bungee cords. However, upon closer inspection, it is the speed bag which instead holds the singular piece of cord in place as it ascends through the roof of the container, wraps the exterior like a delicate simmering ribbon and returns underneath the floor to ascend again and complete its connection to the bag.

The interior of the container acts as an uncluttered, minimal, sublime, and softly lined eyewear box. All interior surfaces are lined in soft white plush fabric. The exterior of the container is clad in soft black velour. Criss-crossed by the multitude of golden cords, the exterior subtly conjures impressions of the Linda Farrow Luxury eyewear box or perhaps a precious gift. From the outside of the box, one is able, with a second look, to realize the cords wrapping the exterior are in fact singular cords that are being held in tension by the eyewear display. Inside and out, the proposal becomes one unified experience, exuding the craft, luxury and lifestyle brand that is uniquely Linda Farrow.