Christopher Haas | Haas Architecture


Neu Bauhaus Museum, Weimar, Germany

The Concept of our proposal begins with simple, rational, formal functionalism in the spirit of the Bauhaus ethos, to create an efficient, open and flexible exhibition system, which allows the historical Bauhaus Collection to interweave, while being visually connected to all Chapters for the Collection. The cyclical nature of the exhibition layout on the upper level, allows visitors to freely explore the Museum’s Collections from either current day chapters, moving into the past, or experience the collection from the past moving forward. The free layout provides opportunities to explore and learn at one’s own pace.

In acting like a bridge, great civic spaces must attract and find means to engage and bring the public together. The Bauhaus Platz and Bauhaus Foyer propose a protected civic urban area where the foyer’s glass walls can be slid open to reveal the foyer on warm summer nights. The Platz stairs act as seating, creating an urban amphitheater for Bauhaus performances. Inside the museum the foyer acts as a civic forum space, accommodating events, lectures, films and performances on the “Stage”.

An open, visually connected ground and upper level, combined with multiple access points into the museum, allows the adjoining areas connectivity through the new museums, its’ grounds and the Platz. This un- pretentious, open system draws ordinary members of the public past or even through the museum, exposing a greater public to the The New Bauhaus Museum Weimar’s incredible assets, workshops, and events, while further itself as a Bridge, connecting and bring the Weimar community and geography.