Christopher Haas | Haas Architecture


Bernal Heights Residence, San Francisco, CA


This renovation project required substantial alterations, to what was a typical, compartmentalized San Francisco home. The previous interiors were comprised of odd, tight rooms, altered by multiple owners over the homes existence. Simply put, the home needed a lot of help, but had a great location.

The strategy was to open up the house as much as possible, decompartmentalizing the interior spaces and creating a cohesive, unified home, with stretching spaces that flow into one another. The home’s location boasts incredible views of the surrounding city, Holly Park and the vast Pacific blue sky. These elements became part of the homes new pallette and are captured and enhanced with large corner windows, drawing in not only views, but an abundance of warm, natural light. A new fireplace is suspended within a pair of skylights that now fill the once darkened afternoons in the front of the house with warm sunlight and views to the blue sky above.